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I have been looking for Erin Sorina we went to school together if someone knows him can you please let me know his status He was back and forth from new orleans and middletown, ny!

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 in response to spunky1...   

What is Curtis' last name?  I lost touch around the time of Katrina with Curtis Kenworthy of Biloxi/Ocean Springs, MS.  I wasn't sure if our Curtis was the same person or not.  If you wouldn't mind replying and letting me know either way.  Thank you.

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I'm looking for William Curtis Kenworthy from the MS Gulfcoast (last known address was The Reserve Apartments in Ocean Springs, MS and working as a sous chef  at Farraday's Restaurant in the Isle of Capri Casino).  We lost contact around the time of Katrina, and I want to ensure he and his family are safe and to get back in touch with him.  If anyone has any information on Curtis or his family, please reply to this post.  Thank you so much.

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nah nah

hello im orissa pitre. i was never missing. i was in mississippi at my aunt allys house for the hurricane, witch where we move after the hurricane of katrina was over. my mom didnt tell my dad where we was going. no harm was done to me or the family. DONT WORRY !




                                       safe and sound,

                                          orissa pitre

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My name is Hardie. Would like Jane Logan or Jerry Logan to contact me at


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CALinkfornia hour

i read post searching: Amber Allen Ciara Allen 2005 posted from mother who obviously survived sience i read your post. i am in southern most part of california and have certian contact with the above, how ever to confirm this with a age or something identifable would assure me. furthermore id like to use this comment to state some might consider useful if your still searching for loved ones who which might have possibly in recent years found themselfs my way. some of the family names are from Cage, Allen, Morton, Camp, Pettway, Hammond, Brown, Hawkins, Price, Steufen, Carter, Calhoun?, Bennett, Worden, Castro, Phar, Barlow, Mullarky, Holmes, Grimbsy, Cunningham, Moton, if the name looks familiar but my spelling is inncorrect i strongly urge you dont hestiate to respond with type of any information as it may just be a affirmative match. with regaurds ,

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Read news article dated Sept 1, 2006, quoting Roger.  Obviously survived and working as of then (shrimping).  Looking for contact info.

"Roger, I am a distant cousin you've never met, from Texas.  Have met your daughters on-line, first when they were searching for you.", Austin, TX.  Mark Schumpelt

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Shakiel,auntToni#806-373-3995/Ms. Barber#951-570-0810

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Was this Billy Bonsack, the poet?

If so, I was friends with him back in 1992-94. Haven't heard from him since late 90's. My prayers are with you.


Rick Jordan

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Still looking for for nieces Debra A. Davis and Juanita Davis.  Their mother name is Ruby.  Father name Ivan. 

When found, please call Aunt V. Finley (Mel) at 903 330-4677  

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I am still trying to find Marcelo Guazzardo. Any help is welcome.

Some people said that they saw him in Argentina, but he has never been there 

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If anyone has found Marlon E. London please call 262.945.4468 Krista & Marlana !

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Has anyone heard of Gerald Sercey and is he the Gerald that is about 42 that lived in Richfield MN?

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Hi, Tara is my sister. I would love to know if yall have fount her or if yall have any information on her.

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Barbara Baillio is alive and well.  Thanks for your concern and hosting this site.

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you can contact curtis at he is alive and well.

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Kim Garlotte

I am well and doing fine in frankfort indiana although i am missing my home very much.                                                                                           

                                                            Thank You    Kim Garlotte


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