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I am in search of 2 brothers and a sister. My sibblings were born and raised in Cloverdale California.  Jeff and Julie were both married at last contact which has been 20+years. Gary is the youngest of the 3. I heard that he is quite tallanted as an artist.

Our Aunt JoHanna, had sharred with me that Jeff Ellis, was in Wyoming the last time she heard from him... I would love to make contact with them. I can be reached at this e-mail address: Please put sibbling contact in the subject line so it does not go into the trash ben.. Thanks Cherokee Lady Az>> C. DianeEllis

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John Bertera passed away in Birmingham AL in Oct. 2008.

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Is Kay LIVAUDAIS the Kay Breaux who used to go to McDonough 45 elementary?

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this is Uri Rundans.  i used to work w ur father somethimes and a lot with ur uncle tommy jinks in the 70s.  u were about 3 ft tall at the time and cute as a button. 

 so i am in a sentamental mood and was searching the internet for how the kids are doing.  just saw a posting with all family history about a tommy that is missing in katrina disaster. 

i see a charles inzina on the internet but no number could that be the one and same "Charlie Tuna"?

 you can reach me at


NOT posting phone number.

 i stopped at the portland home abut a month ago and was given Tony Masters' phone number but it didn't work for me.  not a normal answering machine.

planning on going to the jazz festival and enjoying the shows and the week between the shows drive around and see whose around and what they look like and all that sentimental stuff. 

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I know who ARGENIS ROSA-TORRES is. After Katrina he moved to St. Martinville. We became good friends but after a while he moved. last I heard he moved to FL.

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daniel guzman

hi my name is daniel guzman moreno i´m looking for lavergarrey A clemmos she was livin in pass cristian ms and im realy need to now someting about her, my e-mail is , i´m form mexico if you now her, help me please

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Sonora is  alive and  well  in  Texas.

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This guy is a big scam artist, and pretends to be helpless, while all the while plotting to see how he can take advantage of them; even his own Church!

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Dufaut family

Matt Dufaut has  been found. Was found in Florida with neighbors. Taken to Shreveport for a short time to live with his neice.  Now has rebuilt his home and is living on his original property.

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Someone made a post about Lazara Miranda of S. Genois St., New Orleans.  I was wondering what the outcome was because I'm looking for Ricardo Miranda whose last known address to me was 232 S. Genois Stree.  If anyone has information, please reply

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I'm denise shaddinger hoosier and i'm not missing or dead i'm alive  and have been living in lufkin texas thank you very much

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happy feet

elveyon palms have been found at 251-4715373


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Last known place of residence was in Nevada. Currently he is living in Springfield, LA. with his parents and wife.

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I have information on Corinne Preston if this is the same person who uses the alias "Missy Preston" and has a minor son by the name of Alexander "Alex" Preston.

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I am looking for Mrs Sally Mysing Seaman.

I know her in France at Orleans (loiret) may be in 1963 / 1964

I don't remenber exactly. She was in France with american red Cross

She was my friend

Thanks for your answer


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I am looking for Patricia Lataxes who resided in Chaumette, LA i believe.  She was in Pearl Harbor from 99 -03  I believe.  Please contact me.  This is Victor from Hawaii.  I am desperately trying to locate you but to no avail.  You can reach me at so I can contact you.  Hope your doing okay.  Vic


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          I am looking for a Kirk Fletrich for a friend of mine she was/is friends with him and the last time she talked to him was before Katrina if anyone has any information please contact me. The women looking for him is Sandra Martin.




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     I am Vince's old bass teacher from New Orleans. My name is Stephen Weiss and

I misplaced his new phone and address info. in Baton Rouge. If you have his phone numbe, 

would you please forward it to me at  ?  My thanks for your help. 

His new phone does not appear in the white pages at this time.

                              Stephen Weiss

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7ward shorty
i am still alive and i was not missing still with my family doing my drama theatre cheerleading and sports thanks for your concern
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who is eric spraul?

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