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woman in a shoe   in reply to eliemay224
Hi call the police and put out a miss person report
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Paul Aiken, last seen in Marion County Georgia. Foul play is involved I BELIEVE IT IN MY WHOLE HEART
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woman in a shoe   in reply to dizzyg
Hi the person u posted to has not been on here sent 2008 sorry
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dizzyg   in reply to astrologer

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adsaunders430   in reply to MsTina
has any one talked to his sister gwen on facebook
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SirLummox66   in reply to dawn pecan
see above
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SirLummox66   in reply to dawn pecan
I live in Oklahoma with my Fiance. I am fine. Thank you for caring. I thought you would always hate me.
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Blueeyes71   in reply to astrologer
I know her quite well as she stalked my son for over ten years and even continued after we moved out of state. She is not a Katrina survivor, but tells people that she is in order to gain sympathy and support. I agree that she has big time problems.... have you spoken to her mother in Gulfport, MS? Her name is Ruth Runge and probably knows how to get in touch with her. Her son Chase has had many problems as well and it is no suprise that he is with her. Two peas in a pod.... The two of them even attempted to break into my home and she was harassing my family again just two years ago- posing as a representative of a sick person. In the past she has called my son's school impersonating a police officer to get our information, called my son's Taekwondo studio posing as a detective doing a drug investigation on our family to obtain information, and even showed up at my son's school with a fake newspress id in order to take pictures of my son. I had her arrested for all of these actions and have had a restraining order against her for the last twelve years which she does not follow. She is like a bad case a herpes that cannot be cured. The best advice I can give you is to stay as far away from that crazy woman as possible. I now carry a taser with me at all times just in case she decides to show up again. I know that in the past she has had several DUI's, hit a man who was checking his mailbox while she was drunk, as well as ran a police officer off the the road while drunk. She even showed up where we were living in 2007, at which time I found out where she worked and sent them over 27 pages of legal documents outlining her behavior. She was obtaining support and housing from a Catholic Charity at the time posing as a Katrina survivor. Once they found out differently, she was fired from her job and evicted from her apartment. Beware, beware, beware!!!
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curtisk228   in reply to Anonymous
please contact me on Google+. I don't have a facebook or any other social accounts sorry
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curtisk228   in reply to Anonymous
I sent a response to another post on this site asking if anyone has seen Curtis Kenworthy. I stumbled upon this site doing a Google search on myself! I have a Google+ account if you would like to contact me. Sorry no Facebook or any other social accounts
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 in response to TIGY...   Did you ever find Sally? I knew her as well in Orleans France in 1965.
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 in response to dawn pecan...   I'm fine... :)

Hope you're well, Dawn.
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 in response to believeGod...   La Shone has been found!!! Praise and thank Father God who protected and returned her to us!!! Love, Peace and Blessings of God to all in Christ Name!!!
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 in response to dawn pecan...   He is fine and living in Oklahoma.
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 in response to quor...   6029038269
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 in response to Mystie-Dawn...   I have been looking for him too. I was a good friend of his in Middle School and would like to touch base with him. He is not on Myspace nor on face book, well I hope to be able to touch base with him as well! email me if you here from him. My name is Jeremy.
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 in response to Cdoorhy...   Yes, I'm fine. I was living in VT at the time
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I am still looking for family of Lottion Everett who was evacuated to Houston from New Orleans during Katrina.
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Hello im looking for my sister, last seen in lansing michigan with a freind of hers sara kingsbury of battle creek michigan. my sisters name is tina mcmann i have not seen her in 23 years.if anyone knows of her or where she might be please contact me, thank you and have a blessed day

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 in response to S. Carter...   

Hi S. Carter,

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but she is currently in Jefferson County, Alabama, jail.  However at least she is now safe.

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